Nomination Criteria – Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires, 2018




Climbing New Zealand



1.                       Application of this Nomination Criteria

1.1                   This Nomination Criteria is issued by the Board of Climbing New Zealand.


1.2                   This Nomination Criteria shall take effect from 01/07/17.


1.3                   This Nomination Criteria applies to:


(a)                    all Athletes wishing to be considered for nomination to the Games Team to compete in the Games in a Climbing Event; and


(b)                    Climbing New Zealand including its Selectors, that wish to nominate Athletes to NZOC to be considered for selection to the Games Team for the Games.



2.                       Selectors

2.1                   Composition: The Selectors shall be appointed by Climbing New Zealand Board. The Selectors who will consider nomination of Athletes to NZOC to be considered for selection in the Games Team are:


  • Peter Lofthouse,
  • Joann Hutton-Smith,
  • David Sanders


3.                       Nomination Procedure

3.1                   Conditions of Nomination: The Selectors may only consider an Athlete for nomination if the Athlete has satisfied the following conditions of nomination:


(a)                    returned a completed Athlete Application to the NZOC, in the form prescribed by the NZOC by the Application Date; and


(b)                    returned a completed Athlete Agreement in the manner prescribed by the NZOC to NZOC prior to the Nomination Date; and


(c)                     demonstrated to the satisfaction of Climbing New Zealand that they are not suffering any physical or mental impairment that would prevent them from competing in the Games to the highest possible standard; and


(d)                    acted in such a manner so as not to bring the Athlete, the sport, Climbing New Zealand or the NZOC into public disrepute; and


(e)                    be born between 1 January 2000 and 31 December 2001; and


(f)                      hold a valid International Federation of Sport Climbing (“IFSC”) license;


(g)                    not have been banned from participating in any IFSC competition for whatever reason during 2018; and


(h)                    has received an invitation from the IFSC by name to participate in the Games;


(i)                      to Climbing New Zealand’s knowledge has not used or administered any substance which, if it had been detected as being present in the Athlete’s body tissue or fluids, would have constituted doping, or used any prohibited method or committed any other doping offence as defined in Climbing New Zealand’s IFSC’s or NZOC’s Integrity Regulation; and


(j)                      from 30 March 2018 has provided their name and contact address details to NZOC for the purpose of out of competition drug testing with Drug Free Sport New Zealand.


3.2                   Qualification: New Zealand must qualify for places in a Climbing Event(s) in accordance with the IFSC’s Qualification System for Buenos Aires 2018 Youth Olympic Games (“IFSC Qualification System”) and/or IFSC requirements for the Games. Qualification for a place in any Climbing Event(s) by an Athlete does not guarantee that Athlete will be nominated or selected to compete in the Climbing Event(s) at the Games.


3.3                   Nomination if Nomination Criteria Met: Provided the requirements set out in clause 3.1 and 3.2 are met, the Selectors shall nominate those Athletes it considers meet the Nomination Criteria set out below.



4.                       Nomination Criteria

4.1                   Nomination Criteria: The Climbing New Zealand Nomination Criteria for nomination to the Games Team is made up of two parts:


(a)                    the Over-Riding Nomination Criteria specified in clause 4.2; and


(b)                    the Specific Nomination Factors specified in clause 4.3.


4.2                   Over-Riding Nomination Criteria:


(a)                    In determining whether or not to nominate an Athlete to Climbing Event, the Selectors must be satisfied overall that the Athlete:


i.           has a high national ranking (e.g. top 3) or has placed in the top 3 of the most recent National age group championships in the Event;


ii.         has a track record of sufficient quality and depth that Climbing New Zealand believes demonstrates the Athlete will perform with distinction at the Games;


  • where applicable, whether the Athlete has met the International Federation’s time, distance or other relevant qualification standard;
iv.        has competed at a recognized international event for their sport finishing with a competitive result; and


v.          has a programme developed and endorsed by Climbing New Zealand and/or High Performance Sport New Zealand to prepare them for the Games, and whether they are progressing to the agreed plan.


(b)                    Evidence: In determining whether or not the Athlete has met the Over-Riding Nomination Criteria for Climbing Events in clause 4.2(a) above, the Selectors shall consider the Athlete’s performances and results in the Climbing Event at which they seek to be selected for the Games in the following Key Events during the period 30/08/17 to 15/10/17:


  • World Youth Championships, Innsbruck – August 30th – Sept 10th 2017


  • Oceania Championship, Noumea – October 12th – 15th 2017


4.3                   Specific Nomination Factors: When considering the Over-Riding Nomination Criteria above, the Selectors may also take into account any one or more of the following factors about an Athlete:


(a)                    any other performances or results in competitions / events in addition to the Key Events;


(b)                    adequate fitness and a commitment to maintain a fitness and training programme as agreed with the applicable coach(es);


(c)                     demonstrated good behaviour, including a commitment to training and attendance at training camps;


(d)                    demonstrated compatibility with others in a team environment;


(e)                    demonstrated compliance with the rules of events and competitions;


(f)                      understanding and respect for the obligations that accompany being a member of a New Zealand team when competing at the Games, including respect for team members and support staff;


(g)                    willingness to promote Climbing New Zealand in a positive manner;


(h)                    demonstrated ability to take personal responsibility for self and their results;


(i)                      proven ability to be reliable; and


(j)                      any other factor(s) the Selectors consider relevant.


4.4                   Own Enquiries: In considering any one or more of the above factors, the Selectors may make such enquiries of the Athlete, or other persons, as they see fit.


4.5                   Weight to be Given to Specific Nomination Factors: The Selectors may give weight to any one or more of the Specific Nomination Factors and, if it does, to apply such weighting to one or more Athletes. No particular factor shall be weighted more or less significantly by reason only of the order in which that factor appears in this Nomination Criteria.


4.6                   Extenuating Circumstances: In any decision regarding the nomination of Athletes to the Games Team, the Selectors may, in their sole discretion, take into account any extenuating circumstances in accordance with clause 5 below.


4.7                   Nomination Procedure: After consideration of this Nomination Criteria, the Selectors shall follow the procedure set out in clause 9 of the NZOC Nomination and Selection Regulation.


5.                       Extenuating Circumstances

5.1                   Extenuating Circumstances: In considering the nomination of Athletes in accordance with this Nomination Criteria, the Selectors may, in their sole discretion, give weight to any extenuating circumstances which may include, but are not limited to, the following:


(a)                    injury or illness;


(b)                    travel delays;


(c)                     equipment failure;


(d)                    bereavement or personal misfortune; and/or


(e)                    any other factors reasonably considered by the Selectors to constitute extenuating circumstances.


5.2                   Athlete to Advise: Athletes unable to compete at events, trials, or other attendances required under this Nomination Criteria, must advise the Chief Executive of the extenuating circumstances and reasons, in writing, with as much advance notice as possible and ideally seven (7) days prior to the commencement of the event, trial or other attendance. If the Chief Executive is not notified of any extenuating circumstances in accordance with this Nomination Criteria, then the Selectors have no obligation to rely on such circumstances.


5.3                   Medical Certificate: In the case of injury or illness, Athletes may be required by the Selectors to provide a medical certificate and/or to undergo an examination by a health practitioner/s nominated by the Selectors, and to provide that opinion and/or report to the Selectors. Any failure to agree to such a request may result in the Selectors being unable to consider the injury or illness as an extenuating circumstance.


5.4                   Case by Case: In the case of any extenuating circumstance/s, the Selectors will make a decision on a case-by-case basis.

6.                       Appeal Procedure

6.1                   Nomination Appeals: An Athlete may appeal to Climbing New Zealand against their non-nomination to the NZOC by the Selectors provided that the Athlete has returned a completed:


(a)                    Athlete Application to the NZOC by the Application Date; and


(b)                    Athlete Agreement to the NZOC by the Nomination Date.


6.2                   Procedures for Nomination Appeals: Any appeal under paragraph 6.1 must be made in accordance with the procedures set out in clause 13 of the NZOC Nomination and Selection Regulation.


7.                       Inconsistencies

7.1                   NZOC Nomination and Selection Regulation: In the event there is any inconsistency between this Nomination Criteria and the NZOC Nomination and Selection Regulation, the NZOC Nomination and Selection Regulation shall prevail.


7.2                   IFSC Qualification System: If this Nomination Criteria imposes a higher qualification standard or a lesser number of participants than stated by the IFSC Qualification System, this shall not be regarded as an inconsistency.


8.                       Amendments to this Nomination Criteria

8.1                   Prior to Nomination Date: This Nomination Criteria may be amended or supplemented from time to time by the Board, before the Nomination Date, provided NZOC has approved the amendment/s and supplement/s.


8.2                   Notice: The Board will give as much notice as possible of any amendment/s or supplement/s made under clause 8.1 to this Nomination Criteria, to persons it considers may be affected by any such amendment/s or supplement/s.

9.                       Definitions

9.1                   Application Date means 30 March 2018, by which Athletes must submit a completed Athlete Application in accordance with clause 8.3 of the NZOC Nomination and Selection Regulation.


9.2                   Athlete means a person who wishes to be considered for nomination to the Games Team.


9.3                   Athlete Agreement means the agreement that must be completed by any Athlete wishing to be considered for nomination and selection to the Games Team in accordance with clause 8.4 of the NZOC Nomination and Selection Regulation.


9.4                   Athlete Application means the form set by the NZOC that must be completed by any Athlete applying to be nominated and selected to the Games Team.


9.5                   Board means the Executive Board of Climbing New Zealand as constituted under the Constitution.


9.6                   Chief Executive means the Chief Executive Officer of Climbing New Zealand and includes his / her nominee.


9.7                   Climbing Event means a Men’s Combined sports climbing event and a Women’s Combined sports climbing event at the Games.


9.8                   Climbing New Zealand means Climbing New Zealand Incorporated.


9.9                   Constitution means the Constitution of Climbing New Zealand.


9.10                Games means the 2018 Youth Olympic Games to be held in Buenos Aires in Argentina from 6 – 18 October 2018.


9.11                Games Team means the New Zealand Team at the Games selected in accordance with the NZOC Selection Policy for the Games.


9.12                Key Events means an international, continental or national competition listed in clause 4.2(b) which is a major or pinnacle event for the sport or is at least the equivalent of a Junior World Cup or Junior World Championship, and have an equivalent to that which is likely to occur at the Games.


9.13                Nominated Athlete means an Athlete who has been nominated to the NZOC by Climbing New Zealand


9.14                Nomination Criteria means the criteria made up of the Over-Riding Nomination Criteria and the Specific Nomination Factors, and is also referred to as “this Criteria”.


9.15                Nomination Date means on or before 26 October 2017 (and includes any alternative date as agreed between NZOC and Climbing New Zealand by which Climbing New Zealand must submit any Nominated Athletes to the NZOC.


9.16                NZOC means the New Zealand Olympic Committee Incorporated.


9.17                NZOC Nomination and Selection Regulation means the regulation of NZOC relation to the nomination and selection Process for all Olympic and Commonwealth games, including the Games.


9.18                Over-Riding Nomination Criteria means the criteria set out in clause 4.2.


9.19                Selectors means the selectors appointed by Climbing New Zealand in accordance with clause 2 of this Nomination Criteria.