2017 Oceania Team

Congratulations to all competitors, and a special congratulations to Sarah Tetzlaff, winning the Youth A Youth Olympic Qualifier.

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The Climbing New Caledonia website for the event : http://www.escalade.nc/oceania/

Facebook Page: Oceania Championships Event Page

The Team

Male Female
Open George Sanders

Zane Bray

Sarah Hay

Erica Gatland

Junior Sam Munday

Oliver Soar

Tobin Armstrong

Alicia Chan

Tess Steel

Lucy Whitehead

Youth A Tom Waldin

Conrad Booker

Tridon Lewis

Ben Hubmann

Liam Murray

Irralee Hair

Sarah Tetzlaff

Kim Forde

Nicky Dachs

Youth B Luke Gardner

Kyle Langstone

Oliver Shanks

Josh King

Zeta Hittmann

Jasmine Weaver

Holly Gardner

Ariana Van Lith

Tayla Manning

Mia Crawshay