2018 National Championship Series Format and Points System

Please note that the Climbing NZ Nationals for 2018 will be titled The National Championship Series and will consist of a Bouldering Series of 3 events and a Lead Series of 2 events. Overall Team Cup for 2018 will be awarded to the team with the most number of points from all 5 events. Overall Individual Bouldering and Lead Champions and Placings will be determined by summing results from all events attended. In the event of a draw the Lead and Boulder Champions will be determined by giving greater weight to the competition that had the greatest number of entrants for the category in question.

Points System:

1st – 100
2nd – 80
3rd – 65
4th – 55
5th – 51
6th – 48
7th – 45
8th – 42

and so on in increments of 3 points per placing.

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