About our sport – Sport Climbing

About us

The purpose of the organisation is to promote and develop the sport of competitive climbing in New Zealand, and to organise and administer climbing events.

Climbing New Zealand (formerly New Zealand Sportclimbing Federation) is the National Body administering Sport Climbing in New Zealand. Climbing New Zealand is a proud member of the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC)

New Zealand Competitions
Climbing New Zealand organises a calendar of National indoor climbing events each year.  These events fall into a National Cup Series and National Championships.

The National Cup Series consists of 3 or more separate events featuring Lead and Bouldering disciplines at the same event. The Series runs from April to July.  The Cup Series is followed by separate National Championship events for Lead and Bouldering in August and September.

Competitors will fall into the following categories based on age:

The Youth categories are:
Youth D – Under 12
Youth C – Under 14
Youth B – Under 16
Youth A – Under 18
Junior – Under 20

Note these categories are based on the age a competitor will be on Dec 31st of the relevant competition year.

The Senior categories are:

Open – age 16 and older

Masters – age 35 and older

Males and females compete separately.

Results from all National events are used to calculate National Rankings.

International Competitions
Climbing Competitions are organised throughout the world and at Senior level there is an annual World Cup Series.
There is also a World Youth Championships each year which Climbing New Zealand.

The international calendar of international competitions can be found here: http://www.ifsc-climbing.org/

Oceania Continental Championships: teams of climbers from New Zealand Australia and New Caledonia compete at the Oceania Championships.  This event determines the Oceania Champion in each Junior and Senior category for the disciplines of Lead Speed and Bouldering and also determines the overall Combined Champions.

New Zealand Youth Team
Selection of climbers for international events is made by the Climbing New Zealand. This is based on performance in national competitions and /or selection trials.

Our constitution and current strategic plan are available here.